Calcium & Vitamin D Diet

For a lifetime of Strong, Healthy Bones

Bones perform a variety of functions in the body. Bones provide structure, protect vital organs and store calcium. Adequate calcium and vitamin D are essential to optimize bone health. Calcium plays an important role in maintaining bone, while vitamin D is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. 

How Much Do You Need?

It is important to include both calcium and vitamin D in your diet and the amount you need varies by age.
Age (years) Calcium (mg) Vitamin D (IU)
1-50  1,000 mg 400 IU
51+ 1,200 mg 400-800 IU

Where To Get It?

Calcium is found in a variety of foods including dairy products, vegetables, and beans. Many foods like cereals, juices, and breads have calcium added to them. When eating packaged food, read the nutrition label to determine how much calcium the food contains.

Vitamin D is found in some types of fish and is also added to foods such as milk, cereal, and some juices. But, a well-balanced diet alone may not provide you with the calcium or Vitamin D you need.

Dietary sources of vitamin D are limtied, so supplements like multivitamins, or calcium tablets with Vitamin D can make the difference.

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