Primary Care Specialists now has its own Over The Counter medicine store!  We sell all the basic medicines you may need, in generic form for less, as well as a limited selection of Brand name drugs.  We also carry a wide selection of popular herbal medicines. Check out some of our inventory and prices below…

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Cold & Allergy Price
Heartburn/Indigestion Price
Actifed [Generic version](24ct) $5      Prilosec [Generic Version] 20mg (14ct) $12
Mucinex D (18ct) $14  Itching
Sudafed Tablets (20ct) $13      Benadryl Cream (1oz.)  $7
Zyrtec [Generic Version] 10mg (30ct) $7 Smoke Cessation
 Constipation       Nicotine Gum 20mg (50ct)  $21
Colace [Generic Version] 100mg (100ct) $7 Vitamins
Miralax [Generic Version] (23g) $10      Centrum Multivitamin [Generic Version] (100ct) $10
Pain       Vitamin D 1000IU (100ct)  $5
Tylenol [Generic Version] 500mg (100ct) $5      Iron 325mg (100ct)  $9
Diabetes Lancets Calcium 600 mg (60ct) $4
OneTouch Delica (100ct) $16      Diabetes Vitamin Pack (60ct) by Nature Made $35
Bayer Microlet (100ct) $13 Herbal Medicines
Accu-Chek (100ct)  $15      Black Cohosh 100mg (60ct)  $9
Diabetes Test Strips      Cranberry 400mg (60ct) $9
OneTouch Ultra Blue (50ct) $45      Echinacea 250mg (60ct) $9
Contour (50ct) $45      Fish Oil 1200mg (100ct)  $11
Accu-Chek Aviva Plus (50ct)  $45      Garlic 400mg (60ct)  $8
Accu-Chek Smartview (50ct)  $45      Gingko 120mg (60ct) $8
 Skin/Beauty      Ginseng 200mg (60t) $8
Oil of Olay Active Hydrating Lotion  $14      Saw Palmetto 320mg (60ct) $8
 Diet/Appetite Control      St. John’s Wort 300 mg (60ct) $9
HungerShield (28ct)  $36


More information on the Herbal Medicines? (click here)