medicinal herbs and tablets on white background

Medicinal Herbs and Tablets

Want to go the “Natural” route?  Try these common Herbals?

Black CohoshA remedy for menopausal symptoms

CranberryUsed for urinary infection prevention and treatment

EchinaceaStimulates the body’s immune system, especially against the cold virus

Fish OilReduces cholesterol; recommended for cardiovascular disease prevention and high blood pressure

GarlicReduces heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, and mildly lowers blood pressure; helps to prevent colds

GingkoImproves brain function

GinsengEnergy booster, stimulates the immune system, and increases body resistance to stress

Saw PalmettoTreatment for enlarged prostate and general prostate health

St. John’s WortUsed to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia


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